Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

24/7 Total Power Exchange (TPE)

24/7 TPE typically takes one of three forms - full time live-in, part time live-in, and "virtual" slavery. In the first, you live in your Master's home and he (or she) directly controls your life. If you opt for part time live-in, you might only spend a night or two each week or month together, but your Master would exert his control remotely, via email, text chat, Skype video calls, telephone, etc. You might be told what to wear, when to masturbate, what to insert where, etc. Some have even set up a totally remote "virtual slave" relationship, and never actually meet in person (I don't do this). Full time live-in is obviously a lot more intense and complicated.
Would I consider taking on a permanent full-time live-in "slave boy"?
Assuming I couldn't talk you out of it, yes - but! Bringing someone in full time isn't the same as nights and weekends. The level of compatibility needs to be much closer if you're going to live with me and I'm going to manage your life full time. Each of us needs to comfortable with any expectations and limits and share absolute trust. This could not be a cold, impersonal relationship.

I would ask for a minimum six month commitment to give us time to settle into a routine and rhythm and get to know each other better.

What would my life be like?
Some have likened it to having a very strict parent who whips and fucks you sometimes, and cuddles you at other times. Being a full time slave means giving up full control of your life to your me - no secrets, no privacy, and no freedom except what I choose to give you. No rights beyond basic human rights and those guaranteed by law. I will soon know you inside out - history, wants, needs, fears, loves - everything. If I feel you're hiding something or not being truthful, we'll spend long hours in the dungeon until I'm satisfied the problem has been corrected. You will retain ownership of your possessions and money, but I will control what you do with them. For instance, I may permit a small allowance after your bills are paid, but require that all other "extra" money be put into savings or investments for your future.
What would the BDSM activities include?
Certainly sexual domination, bondage, punishment for misbehavior or possibly just for entertainment, and serving me. Beyond that, I will choose based my slave's needs and personality. "Wait" you say. "Why would a Master consider a slave's needs important?" Simple. I want my slave to be content with his lot in life, because a happy slave will do a better job of serving my needs, and is easier to manage. In addition to any BDSM aspects of the relationship, I would also train you how to run a household. 
Why would someone want 24/7 TPE?
It seems that at least some young guys who aspire to the "slave" lifestyle do so in part because they feel unprepared to face the world, and need a bit more strong "parenting" and guidance. I'll provide that, and much more. You may have other reasons.
What about the future?
A Master needs to be realistic about young slave boys. They are still growing and changing, and what's right for them now may not be in six months or a year or two. They think they know what they want, but often learn that reality can be quite different from fantasy. Being a full time slave isn't all sex and punishment - it's ultimately about serving your Master's needs. Those needs can include house and yard work, but there will also be lots of down time (read "boredom"). You will likely have a full or part time job outside the house and be expected to contribute significantly toward household expenses. However, there will certainly be some "interesting" times on a daily basis.
What would I look for in a full-time slaveboy?
To begin with, I have to like you as a person - so a few weekend trial runs or some other means of getting to know you are in order. My ideal slave-boy would be 18 to 25 years old, small and slim, smooth, no taller than 6', and drug and disease free. These are partly a preference, partly for practical reasons.

You'd have to be looking for a very strong (but ultimately caring) dad/son sort of relationship, in which I wield 100% authority and control, but also take care of you. As you grow in your role I may grant you a certain level of autonomy, taking into consideration your needs and abilities. I want to be proud of my slave's accomplishments, and I want you to be proud of yourself (but certainly not rising to the level of cockiness or arrogance - that would result in serious punishment. Slaves WILL be humble!)

The next step
If you think you need a strong, but caring hand in your life, need BDSM to feel whole, and you meet my other requirements (or at least come very close), let's talk.