Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David
 ABDL - Adult Baby - Diaper Lover
Some guys (and girls) like to play the role of a baby or toddler. Some like to play as the gender they are, others like to play the opposite gender.
Play usually involves wearing diapers, onsies, and sleepers, and the use of other baby items likeThis isn't me! pacifiers and bottles. Some just like to be cuddled, others like to play out full day to day scenes as a baby or toddler, including play dates, feeding, punishment, and bath time. Some have bedrooms designed to look like a child's room, full of toys and stuffed animals.
And, yes, it's sexual as well. Most like to make out or have sex with daddy in their baby persona. Obviously, ABDL is not for everyone. Just to be clear, I enjoy playing daddy, but only with a consenting young adult.
There's a lot of cross-over between ABDL and BDSM. For reasons I don't pretend to fully understand, guys who like playing a baby also like to be tied up, punished, and more. Whatever you're in the mood for, little one, just ask.
The pictures on this page are not of me or anyone I know.