Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David
Consensual Play Rape

Why is it called “consensual play rape"? Just so everyone knows this isn’t and can’t be the real thing. Both of us must agree about what's to happen, and it must be done privately and safely. That said, I’ll work hard to make sure it feels as much like the real thing as possible. It might include mild choking and brief breath control to help elevate your sense of panic. You will be violated as swiftly and brutally as I can manage within the bounds of safety.

This one can be pretty tricky to pull off, since it must be done at a place and time where we are guaranteed to be alone and unseen. I might pull up alongside you in my vehicle as you’re walking on a lonely road at night and force you into the back at "gunpoint."* You’d be tied up or handcuffed and chained, gagged, and covered with a blanket or tarp for the drive to my home. I might even do some other things to make your ride more “interesting.” Upon arrival at my place, we play out whatever scene is planned next.
* Unloaded starter's pistol - no danger