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Master David

Master David’s Advice for Anal Virgins

First time butt sex without training and preparation is almost always a painful experience, and despite what you might have heard, the pain doesn’t always go away after a few minutes. The involuntary inner sphincter muscle needs to be trained to accept invasion or it will clamp down hard every time you push something in – and that hurts like hell. If you want your first time being fucked to be relatively pain free, read on.
Lesson One: Getting cleaned up for butt training or sex, since most guys don't like dealing with shit

There's usually no need for a full blown enema if  you have a good diet and are shitting regularly. Just pick up a small (1oz) rubber ear syringe (like the one shown here) at any pharmacy or on Amazon along with some KY or another brand of water-based "personal" lubricant. An hour or two before sex, fill the syringe with warm water from your sink and lube up your hole just a little. Sit on the toilet and push the nozzle gently into your butt as far as it will go and slowly squirt all the water in. 

Hold the water in for a minute, release it forcefully into the toilet, then flush. Repeat until you are running clean. (If you're really dirty, you can add a bit of soap to the water – regular unscented Ivory dish or hand soap won't hurt you.) Stay on the toilet for at least fifteen minutes to be sure you get all the water out, then wash your butt until it's squeaky clean. Be sure to wash your syringe with hot soap and water, inside and out. To sterilize it, add a few drops of regular bleach to the water. This is really important if someone else (your BF, for instance) might use it.

Some guys use disposable feminine douche kits, but I hate the vinegar smell, and plain water is free. The vinegar is used to kill off the “fishy” smell of vaginas, something guys don’t have to worry about. For lube, don't use things like hand cream, baby oil, or Vaseline. It needs to be water soluble and okay for internal use. Real lube isn't expensive, and it's safe. Walmart's house brand is cheap and works great.

Lesson Two: Basic Butt Training

Clean out your butt, lube up your hole and fingers, then work at gently pushing one finger in. Go slowly, and relax. Take slow, deep breaths, and as you exhale fullly, slide it in a bit further. If it hurts, hold it there and relax for a while before pushing further. Once your butt allows one finger in painlessly, try for two, but this is more difficult and will take longer. Then three. Be patient.

For some guys it takes longer than for others, so don't rush it. If you can buy one, a nice medium sized (1.25" to 1.5" diameter) butt plug is better and easier than two or three fingers. After you can do a single finger, switch to the plug. Don't go for it all at once - work at it a little one or two times each day until you can get it all the way in without pain.

Once you can get it all the way in, leave it in for a while (it won't pop out), longer each time you put it in. Keep working it in and out and relaxing as you do it - deep breaths, push in a little at the end of each exhalation. Once it goes in easily every time, you’re ready to be fucked. Just don't go looking for some guy who's hung like a horse, or it might hurt anyway. Start with someone more average thickness, and work up to bigger cocks over time.

Butt plugs are available from porn and sex shops, or online: Get the medium (1.5" diameter) one. Don't bother with the small one because your fingers can do the same job without spending another $10, and it will pop out. They also have a large size, but I'd wait a while before considering that monster.

Don't want to (or can’t) buy a plug? Lots of guys use small greenish bananas, or thin cucumbers if you can find one the right size and shape. Most guys prefer bananas because they're softer. Find one with a slender, rounded tip, and lube it up. Why greenish bananas? They're not quite ripe yet and are a bit firmer than ripe ones. Whatever you do, don't peel it first! The skin needs to stay on. If it's yellow with black spots, eat it instead - it's well ripened and probably too soft for butt play.

Doing It

Just before having real sex, use your plug or fingers to relax and stretch your muscles and it will be pain free! This is why foreplay is so important. Being fingered or rimmed by your partner (be sure you’re squeaky clean!) really helps you relax and be ready for his big banana. Don’t forget the lube, but don't overdo it, or you'll have a bit of a mess when he pulls out. Clean up after sex the same way you did to prepare.


A Word about Size and Depth

Not everyone’s anatomy is exactly the same. Some guys can handle the big ones, many can’t. Trying to take on a cock that’s too large for your body to handle can result in serious damage, and even death. It’s no joke. Let’s say your anus is only deep enough for a six-inch long cock, and you are aggressively fucked by a guy with an eight or ten inch monster. There’s a chance you could end up with a perforated colon, a true emergency requiring immediate major surgery. Any delay in treatment could kill you, so dial 9-1-1 fast. (The symptoms will be lots of blood and pain.)

If you try to take a cock that is fatter than you can stretch, you risk painful and bloody anal tearing, possibly requiring stitches and a long period of recovery. Any resulting scar tissue won’t stretch like the original skin, and you could find it difficult to have anal sex for the rest of your life.

The good news is that with a little testing, you can avoid both problems. Pick up a one-inch diameter, ten-inch long, soft jelly dildo. Lube it up and slide it in slowly. When it bottoms out and becomes uncomfortable, grasp it with your fingers against your anus and slid it out. Measure the amount that was in you with a ruler. That’s your maximum depth. To determine width, get both a medium (1.5”) and large (2”) butt plug and experiment to see how much you can handle without pain. Few cocks are larger across than 2”.

Any questions, just ask.

Have fun, stay safe!

Master David