Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

 What is BDSM play?

Bondage - Domination - Sadism - Masochism

    Bondage is being tied up or otherwise restrained. It can take many forms.

    Domination means that one of us (me) will be firmly in control of the other (you).

    Sadism refers to pleasure or arousal gained from causing pain to others.

    Masochism refers to pleasure or arousal gained from your own pain.

I enjoy teaching new young subs and slaveboys about their role in the world. We explore what makes them tick, find and stretch limits, and get them pointed in the right direction. Mild or brutal, no problem.
Play can involve one or more elements of BDSM, but domination is the basic element for all BDSM play. As the Master, I am dominant - you are submissive. However, whatever we do has to be interesting for both of us. Most BDSM masters and subs have fantasized about this from the onset of puberty, and maybe earlier. If you've never fantasized about it, the experience is not likely to be a good one.
I play only safe-sane-consensual. Our play is not "real" in the sense that the submissive partner (sub) gives permission to the dominant partner (dom) and can withdraw it at any time. It is "real" to the extent we agree to in advance. BDSM without limits or safety plans is dangerous and irresponsible. BDSM without full consent is abuse. To read more about safety and consent, click here. 
  What's the Difference Between a Slave and a Sub?
A submissive is anyone who allows another person to dominate them. A slave has taken the next step and given significant control over their body, sex, (and sometimes daily life) to a Master for just a single session, or a longer period of time.
Your "sub-space" is that fantasy world between your ears where you go when playing as a slave or submissive. Some describe it like being in a trance, or self-hypnotized. For others, it's just "feeling the part." Everyone gets into their sub-space in different ways, so it's important that we arrange things so you're able to do it successfully. Some use the driving time on the way here (although that might not be safe for everyone), others need to be tied up or caged and left alone for a while before we get into other things.
  Sub and Slave Etiquette
Slaves will always address me as Sir. Slaves will generally be required to ask permission to ask questions and to speak only when asked a direct question. In most cases, the answer will be "yes Sir" or "no Sir" as appropriate. Slaves may also be required to avoid eye contact except when ordered. Slaves will generally walk slightly behind and to the right of me when in public.
Non-slave subs may or may not be required to address me as Sir. If we're engaging in certain role play you may be calling me "daddy!"
  What's possible?
Bondage in many forms, humiliation, mild to intense pain, forced sex, stress positions, isolation, objectification, mind games, impossible predicaments, caging, feminization, ABDL, forced medical exams, interrogation, water sports, fag training, pig play, dad/son role play and even long term enslavement. I'm sure I can think of more if you don't. Tell me your fantasies. We always start where you're most comfortable.
  What is role-play?
Play-acting. Each of us takes a part in a pre-designed "scene" (or scenario.) Some examples of role play are dad/son, Master/slave, teacher/student, cop/prisoner, soldier/prisoner, daddy/baby, doctor/patient, etc. In each of these, one or more BDSM elements can be used. You don't have to be a good actor to make this fun, and there are no lines to memorize (I do most of the "work" anyway.) Some scenes are tightly scripted (as to actions) and some are very loose. Visit the Scenes and Stories pages for inspiration. 
  Group Play
Yes, I will play with two or more subs together. However, it's important that everyone's interests and limits are compatible. That, plus everyone's busy schedules makes it difficult to arrange. It is possible even if it doesn't happen often, and opens up some interesting possibilities. Got a subbie boy or girl friend? Bring him or her along! I'll make them part of the action.
  What does Master David look for in a slaveboy?

My ideal sub is between 18 and 25, slim, and smooth, but ideal guys are hard to find. I will take younger looking guys up to age 30. Sorry, I'm not into really big or hairy guys for a number of reasons. Facial hair is a huge turn-off. You can see examples of a few of the things I like to do on the photos pages, and learn more about my "perfect" slave here.

  Short-Term vs. Long-Term
Most master/sub relationships are one night or weekend at a time. However, some subs feel they were "born to serve" and need much more - a 24/7 total power exchange (TPE). It's certainly not for everyone. In fact, the first thing I will likely do is try to talk you out of it. Only those who really understand what they're getting into should agree to TPE. If you are thinking about this lifestyle, visit my 24/7 TPE page. It is possible.
Everyone has limits - even if they don't think they do. Hard limits are those things that are out of bounds for you. My own hard limits include blood, scat, or anything illegal or inherently unsafe. You can have soft limits, too. Those might be things you haven't tried yet and are a bit nervous about, or limits you feel might need to be pushed carefully. You must communicate your limits to me, or any dom, before play begins. One way to do that is by filling out a Beginner's BDSM Checklist and sending it to me. It's a Microsoft Word form, and if you ask I will send it to you. You can also download or see it in the BDSM Checklist section at the bottom of this page.
  Communication and Trust
Safe and fun BDSM play depends on good communication between us, and absolute trust in each other. I prefer to sit down with you (or chat online) beforehand to talk things through, and again afterward to share how things went. I need to know how you feel about absolutely everything we do together - what works, what doesn't - and what drives you wild. I can't read minds, so you need to tell me. Trust is based on truth, so don't tell me what you think I want to hear. I don't want to do things with or to you that you really aren't ready for.
Everything we do must be safe, sane, and consensual. For that reason I always use both "safe" and "slow" words. If you speak your safe word, everything comes to an instant stop. Your slow word will tell me to reevaluate what's going on or use a bit more care. Why do we use special words? Because typical words like "stop" or "no" come up in play all the time, and I'll likely ignore them. If you ever meet a dom who won't discuss limits or use a safe word, RUN! More about limits and safety here.
  Photos and Videos
I'm often asked if I have pix or video of my subs and me playing. There are a few in the Slave Gallery, but I don't have many I can share for several reasons. First is privacy. Most guys don't want pix or videos to be shared with others. Second is practicality. I prefer to focus on the play without the distraction of a camera. It's also pretty difficult to take good pix (and still be in the shot!) with just the two of us. That said, I will take pictures from time to time, often to show you what you look like in a certain situation. I may keep those pix for private use, or post some of the better ones on this site with your permission. I try to choose shots where your face is hidden. If you ask that pictures be deleted, they will be. Be sure to remind me, especially at the end of a session together.
   Cold Feet
Every Dom I talk to has the same story - prospective subs who seem enthusiastic, set a time and date, then cancel at the last minute or just fail to show up. There are many reasons for this, but it should be avoided whenever possible. It may not seem like it, but it takes most masters some time and effort to set up and prepare for a session. Be sure you're really ready to do this before setting a date. I encourage you to talk to me ahead of time if you think you'll find it difficult to follow through so I can help you feel comfortable with your decision to submit.
 A Word about "Hollywood"
All that stuff you see on porn sites? The bulk of it is staged for maximum visual effect so paying customers can get off, and doesn't work well in real life. Just because you like seeing something doesn't mean you'll like having it done to you. In my dungeon, we'll find out what really works for you.
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Musings of a true and complete submissive
"The repeated intrusion of cock. The stroking of my body as though i were a pet. Having no free will. Being used and objectified. My mind goes gray and i am once more at peace. My life is centered. An idle fag is miserable. Freedom is not something we handle well. i run to the strong arms of a Master. Use me. i am happiest when i have no choices, when i am kept with a strong hand."