Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

Role Play - Dad/Son 

(Could also be Teacher/Student, etc.)

Dad/son role play might seem weird at first. After all, who really wants to have sex with their Dad?  So perhaps it's best if you think of "Dad" as the older wiser (maybe) and experienced one in the role play (or maybe a step-dad?) and the "son" as the curious inexperienced one.

First let's talk about the role of the "son." What type are you going to be? Gay, straight, bi, curious, virgin, drunk, experienced but need to learn more than just the vanilla sex... Lots of possibilities here.

Once you decide what role you want to play, decide on an age. Mostly I would suggest you stay the age you are, but some prefer to pretend they are in high school. Too young can be a bit creepy, so be at least be of a "legal" age (unless you're into ABDL, which is a whole different story, of course!)

Next, choose a scenario to play out. These can be as varied as your imagination. From realistic ones asking Dad for information, to being "forced" to perform sex acts. Rape seems like such a dirty word, but in some scenarios, it is incredibly hot and lots of fun (as long as we both remember it’s a game and you agreed to it!) 
Remember, the sample scenes below are just inspirational ideas, not TV scripts to be followed precisely. We'll just take the general concept and run with it. No lines to memorize - just stay in character and play the role.
About the “dad”

The dad is an older, wiser, experienced teacher for the son. You want to learn, dad wants to teach. I always find that showing my boy how to do something, then letting him practice works best. If he wants to learn how to kiss, then I’ll kiss him with all I’ve got. Then I let him kiss me next and see if he got the lesson. If not, we repeat it (that's my favorite!! Repeat, repeat, repeat - we may never get it right!)

When it gets to more complicated things, like fucking, then I talk him through it as I do it. (As you will see from some of the scenarios below.)

In scenarios where it's more of a forced act, then of course the dynamics are really different. Maybe Dad is a horny old guy who needs to just get off and uses his boy's holes in place of a woman's pussy.

Getting Into It
All role-play works best if you can get "into it" right off, by making it as real as possible in your head. Spend a few hours right before you plan to start thinking the thoughts and imagining the day of the person you will be playing. The more real it feels, the more fun it will be. If you're not fully engaged with a scene, it can feel awkward.
Scenario 1. "Virgin Gay Boy"

So you’re a virgin and have a friend that really likes you, but you don’t know where to begin. For this scenario, we'll assume you’re both gay and out.

You're at home watching a movie and out of nowhere you ask Dad when he first had sex. Of course, he’ll answer and ask why. You say you really like this boy at (school/work/sports club) but don't exactly know what to do and don't want to come off looking like an idiot. Dad will ask a few probing questions, like how far have you gone, does he know you like him, etc. 

Then he’ll start asking some personal questions which you may feel embarrassed to answer (like any "son" would). Have you ever kissed anyone before, do you jerk off, have you watched porn, how much you know about sex... etc, etc. You will open up and answer as you get more comfortable. (Son, don't make this too hard, but be realistic.)

Now to get into the action part! Dad will tell you that he can show you a few things that may help if you want to know them. Of course you’re eager to learn from him.  He’ll tell you to just follow along as he teaches you how to have some fun with your friend. This can include anything from kissing and making out, right up to sucking and fucking.

Scenario 2. "Shut up and Take it"

This is a forced sex scenario, or "rape" if you prefer. This time you're in bed asleep and Dad comes home from the bar with a few under his belt. He was rejected by a few girls, so he's frustrated and horny.

He goes into your room and sees you lying there face down in your underwear.  He comes up close and looks at his sleeping boy and decides you are actually quite "pretty" for a boy. He looks down the length of your body and feels his cock start to stir. He reaches into his pants and starts to play with his cock as he looks you over.

Dad removes his clothes and stands there jerking off as he looks at you sleeping. He can't stand it anymore and feels your ass through the underwear. You don't even stir a little so he gets a little bolder and pushes his hand under the shorts to feel the bare ass. He pulls his son's legs apart and gets between them. He plays with your ass cheeks a little harder and realizes that they might be a good substitute tonight.

He is so hard that precum is leaking everywhere. He wipes his cock on the your underwear, and it feels electric. Dad knows that he has to get some relief. He feels your back and notices how smooth it is. He runs his hands down to your underwear and tries to pull them off. They don't come down too far, but just enough to see the crack that would be a good substitute for a pussy.

He tries to get the underwear off but your weight is stopping them from coming down. He finds a hole in the cloth and rips them forcefully open, exposing the ass. He lubes it up and rams his cock into you. You "wake up" and try to get away. Dad holds you down and tells you to relax, he's almost done fucking your cute, tight pussy. He pounds away and shoots a load. Then he lies beside you and just before he falls asleep, looks at you and says "you might as well get rid of that underwear boy, as I'm sure I'll need that ass again tonight".

We could change it up a bit and instead of being drunk, Dad’s just horny and needs a fuck. He quietly ties you to the bed, ankles and wrists, securing you before ripping off the underwear to fuck you. Dad might leave your hands tied (comfortably) while he falls asleep so you don't get away. All the while you are bitching at him. Dad shuts you up by feeding you his cock, or stuffing your mouth with a sock, and then fucks you again. But, you get the idea.

Scenario 3. "Tipsy and Horny Son"

Son, how many times have you had a drink or two (or twelve) and come home a little drunk and horny with no one to play with. In this scenario, you arrive home with hormones raging, ready for release.  

Remember, you're role-playing, so you don't actually have to be drunk (although if you're of legal age, nothing's stopping you if you want to get slightly buzzed to get into character!)

You get home and as soon as the door closes, you get out of your clothes and leave a trail of them all the way to the bedroom. Trouble is, you don't go to your bedroom, you stumble into your Dad's bedroom and climb into bed with him.

You can do a few things here:

A: Make a lot of noise as you do it and it wakes your Dad up. When he asks what you're doing, you tell him you’re horny and really need a blow job and you need it now. You lie on your back and beg for one so you can get some sleep. You may have to beg a few times as Dad is still kinda’ grumpy from being woken up. Maybe he suggests that if you want a BJ, you have to give one first, or maybe he just gives in and blows you until you unload. You mumble a thank you and fall asleep. Throughout the night, Dad may do this a few times to you, each time you get hard, just to get you back to sleep.

In the morning he takes you to the shower as you "stink" of the bar. He scrubs you down and suggests that since you kept him awake all night you owe him a blow job, then pushes you to your knees.

B: You climb into bed, push the covers back and start to jerk off. The activity wakes up Dad, but he quietly watches you for now and it gets him totally horny. Just as he thinks you are about to cum, he "pretends" to be rudely awakened and scares you by demanding to know what you’re doing in his bed. You jump and try to pull the covers back over you. He stops you and throws the covers off. He grabs you by the dick and comments on how you've grown. As he jerks you off, he is still pretty gruff and demands to know why you are in his bed. You mumble about being drunk and just went to the wrong room. Dad doubts it and comments on how his son appears to be enjoying the hand job. He then goes down on him and sucks a big load out of him.  You both go back to sleep.

C: After you're in bed you lay face down and are rubbing your hard cock back and forth along the bed moaning about something. Dad wakes up and listens to you, which gets him horny. You could be saying "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me. Yeah, oh god, fill me up", or you could be saying "Oh god, take it, take that big hard cock you little slut. Grab my ass. Take it deep." Whatever it is, it really turns dad on.

Dad is now a raging hormone himself and decides to teach you a lesson. He throws the covers off carefully, grabs a leg and spreads it open. He climbs between your legs and spreads your cheeks. He can decide to rim you, or lube you up and fuck you, or both. Whatever he does, you are so drunk and horny you just let it happen.

D: Staying "asleep" the whole time. Dad unloads, wipes his cock on your ass and goes back to sleep. He may repeat this a few times throughout the night as you've got him so horny. In the morning you wonder where you are, and why your ass is so damned sore. Dad just laughs and suggests you get a shower. He may take it further and follow you into the shower to show you why your ass is sore. You feign horror! lol!!

Scenario 4.  "Just Curious"

You’re hanging out with your dad and out of nowhere ask him what it feels like to get a blowjob. He almost spits his drink across the room. You explain that some of the guys at school/work, were talking about blow jobs and how they feel better than just jerking off. 

You ask Dad if he have ever had one. Of course, he’s the more experienced, so of course he has. He tells you what it feels like.  You say you can't imagine that it would feel much better than jerking off. He asks if you has ever jerked off with your friends or anything, or ever touched another dick. Of course, you haven't. So he proceeds to teach you. 

Son...don't forget to say “thank you” to Dad for teaching you!

Scenario 5.  "The Exhibitionist" with Divorced Parents

You’re a total exhibitionist and love to show off your body. In fact you hate wearing clothes at all, but are frustrated because you live with your mother and two sisters and can't be naked at home at all. They even barge into your room all the time.

So whenever you come over to visit, you strip as soon as you come in the door and don't get dressed again until you go home. Of course, you’re a horny little sucker too, so sometimes Dad finds you jerking off to porn in the bedroom, or popping a bone while watching TV, or joining Dad in the shower. You aren’t shy and don't embarrass easily either. You are also pretty open and blunt about sex. You could be bisexual and talk about guys as much as girls, which usually gets you hard. If you want to know something you just ask.
You aren’t afraid to undo Dad’s pants to see his cock if you want to know something, or try something and aren’t afraid to ask if you want to try something you’ve seen or heard about. You also like to go to wreck beach (or hang out nude outside somewhere) and love the naked swim nights every Saturday, and beg him to take you to these places. You love to sleep with Dad and aren’t afraid to take care of the morning wood you both have.

You aren’t very experienced, but aren’t afraid to try anything and everything and trust Dad to show you without many limits. 

Scenario 6.  "The Visitor"

The idea here is that one of you has a visitor over (could be a friend of the Son, or Dad) 

A. Son comes home horny expecting to just ask Dad for a quick BJ before he heads off somewhere but when he gets home Dad is hanging out with his friend. Son asks if he can talk to Dad in private for a minute. They both head into the bedroom for a talk. Son strips off completely and asks Dad to take care of his raging hard-on. He moans so much that the friend peeks in the partially open door and sees what is happening. He gets his own cock out and jerks off as he watches the two. He eventually just goes in and demands to join in. He may even insist on fucking the Son while Dad keeps sucking, or makes the Son suck him off.

B. Dad comes home and finds Son hanging out watching a movie with a friend. He heads off to take a shower as he just got home from work. The Son could come to talk to Dad in the bathroom and gets in the shower with him. The friend sneaks in and joins in. Or, he could wait until Dad goes into the bedroom to get changed. Son comes in, removes Dad's towel, drops to his knees and sucks him off. Friend sneaks to door and watches, gets horny and joins in. Asks Son to do him next. Go wherever the roles take you.

C. Dad has several friends over and they are talking about their "boys".  Dad decides to show off his son and tells him to model his new underwear for his friends so the guys can see what the new styles look like on someone. Son complains, but is told to just do it. Son goes and changes into a variety of underwear, each one getting the Dads harder and harder. They are encouraged to check how they fit and the Son finds a lot of hands touching his ass and package, (which probably gets him hard). Then he stands in front of his Dad, who really wants to show him off and removes his underwear to show how developed his boy is. Then just go with it. You could all suck him, bend him over the coffee table and fuck him or spit-roast him. (This scenario could also be done with just Dad and Son as a twosome. Son shows off his underwear. Dad gets horny.)

D. Dad comes home to find his son and a friend making out. They might in the shower together, or watching porn in the living room and giving each other hand-jobs, or having full-on sex in the bedroom. Dad watches for a moment and bursts in to join them.

E. Dad is changing in the bedroom and his son's friend comes in to ask a question. He sits on the bed watching Dad change and starts rubbing his crotch. Dad notices and asks if he likes what he is seeing. He takes out his cock and tells the friend to suck his cock quietly. Son wonders what happened to his friend and comes to the door and sees his friend gobbling his Dad's cock while jerking his own. Son takes out his cock and eventually decides to join in, by sucking his friend off, or sharing Dad's cock....

The scenarios are unlimited here!

Scenario 7.  "Disgusted Dad"

You come over to Dad's for the day (or night), and say you've just gotta jump in the shower before hanging out. Because you're not really shy and don't like the mirror to steam up, you leave the door ajar and after a few minutes, Dad hears moaning coming from the bathroom. He peeks in to see what's going on and finds you fingering your hole and slowing jacking your hard cock with eyes closed.

Dad is truly disgusted and decides to shock you, either by taking a picture of you doing it (while your eyes are closed) as "evidence" to use against you if you do it again. Or, as he throws the curtain back, he grabs the hand up your ass and pulls the finger out rapidly.

Dad pulls you roughly out of the shower, tells you to dry off, and then drags you roughly into the bedroom. He throws you onto the bed face down and says he’s gonna teach you to never want to be fucked again and how wrong it is. He lubes and fingers you hard. When you start to moan again and wiggle onto dad’s finger, he realizes you are actually enjoying it, so he gets bigger and bigger things. (If you use dildos then of course these belong to Dad's girlfriend! lol)

Then he decides that all this ass play is turning him on and since his girl wont let him fuck her in the ass, and you seem to be enjoying it, he says he's gonna make you his bitch for the day.

Dad can now change the tone to be more relaxed and curious about what else you like....maybe he shows you. Kissing, sucking, cuddling, whatever you come up with to surprise Dad. You both become a lot closer and maybe fall asleep together in bed for the night and fuck a few more times before morning.

Scenario 8. "The Bad Report Card"

You arrive home after school to find dad holding your report card, shaking his head in disgust. He confronts you with the dismal grades and certain teacher comments about your chances for success, then orders you to remove your pants and get over his knee. You’re relieved that this is all. He gives you one hell of a spanking, then pushes you onto the floor and tells you to finish stripping.

As you do so, he tells you that if your grades continue to be so bad, you'll have to make a living as a prostitute or some man's "cock boy." He tells you you're about to learn what that's like, and it's time to start practicing. Some rather dominant sex ensues.

Scenario 8b. "The Really, Really Bad Report Card"

It’s a different world – parents can sell their teenagers off as slaves if they feel they have no job prospects or future in the “free” world. You’re a boy of average intelligence, but don’t seem to have the kind of drive it takes to earn good grades in a very competitive education system. Dad has warned of severe consequences if you get another poor report card. You’re hoping you get off with some sort of punishment.

You arrive home after school to find dad holding your report card, shaking his head in disgust. He confronts you with the dismal grades and certain teacher comments about your dim chances for success, then orders you to remove your pants and get over his knee. You’re relieved that this is all. He gives you one hell of a spanking, then pushes you onto the floor and tells you to finish stripping.

As you do so, he explains that he’s come to a decision – you’re to be enslaved. In fact, he filed the paperwork as soon as the report card arrived that morning. Legally, he is no longer your dad – he’s your owner. He explains that you're to be trained as a household servant and sex slave by him for a year, then sold off to the highest bidder. You cry and complain, but it does no good, of course. It's already official. He straps a slave collar around your neck, then starts your training by making you suck him. The scene goes from there with more “training” and punishment as you begin your new life.
The beauty of this scene is that can evolve seamlessly into regular slave training that can be built upon from session to session.
Scenario 9.  Some “Quickie” Scenarios to Build On

A: Dad comes home and finds you watching porn in his room and jerking off. Dad offers to help. You can be reluctant or willing. Dad takes control.

B: You are showering and Dad sneaks a peek at you soaping yourself up and jerking off with eyes closed.  Dad could just watch or get naked and enter the shower to wash you down. Lots could happen here.

C: Dad comes home and finds you and a friend naked on the couch jerking off together. You try to get dressed as you are both embarrassed, but Dad has other ideas and gives you things to do with each other and insists on it.

D: Dad hears a noise from your room and goes to investigate. He finds you naked and using a dildo (maybe a cucumber) in your ass. He barges in to scare you and decides to show you what the real thing feels like.

E: Dad is in the bathroom, showering or shaving and is naked. You peek in on him and start jerking off while you watch. Dad catches you and feeds you his cock.

F: You are watching movies on the couch together. You lie with your head on Dad's lap and eventually move your hands into a position where you can feel Dad’s bulge. You start to play with your own cock and Dad notices and suggests it’s getting warm and they should get comfortable. You both strip to underwear and go back to lying around. Eventually you start to jerk your cock and asks to see Dad's. He pulls it out and plays with it. Go from there...

G: You are both at a lake and Dad suggests skinny dipping after dark. Underwater sex ensues.

H: You complain that you got hit in the balls at soccer and that they really hurt. Dad takes a look, pulls your pants off and checks and massages your balls. You get hard and embarrassed. Dad helps to take care of it.