Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

 Medical Play

This isn't the stuff regular doctor's visits are made of. This scene is based on a forced examination, perhaps as a prisoner of some sort, maybe the unwilling subject of some medical experiments.
You will be treated as an object for study, a lab animal - not as a person with rights or feelings. As the doctor, I'm going to probe you in all sorts of ways without regard for your comfort. You will probably be strapped down or placed in the stocks, and gagged. Either way, you'll be helpless and unable to resist or protest as the "doctor" does his work.
This can include the usual ear, nose, throat and eye exam, listening with a stethoscope, taking blood pressure, anal and penile probing, enemas, electrostim, and more. Our medical "experiments" might include chastity devices, nipple suction pumps, full enemas, edging (for scientific purposes, of course), vibrators, clamps, and other stimulation. This scene requires discussion and communication beforehand - unless you're really brave!

Submissive "Performance Research"

In this medical scene, you’re the subject of a study into the education and training of submissives to be desirable sexual service providers for Alpha males. The goal of the study is to learn what it takes to create compliant, eager, and talented sexual submissives, whose only goal in life is the perfection of service to his Alpha. We want them to be ready at all times to serve and please with little thought for their own needs. Basically, a sexual object, a willing sex slave.

We’ll use a variety of medical and pseudo-medical tools and techniques in our “lab.” In the interest of furthering a sense of “objectification,” you may be hooded and referred to as a non-person – an “it.” One hypothesis to be tested is that hornier subs provide better service, so we’ll do some “experiments” to see if that’s true. You will likely be restrained much of the time, and unable to resist. You will have no say in what happens during the session, of course, as would be the case with any sex slave. That means we’ll have to set limits and guidelines well before starting.