Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David
My “Ideal” Slave-bois (and girls)
Here’s what I look for in a “perfect” slave. However, finding absolutely everything in one slave is nearly impossible. For that reason, I evaluate all potential slaves on a case-by case basis. I’ll admit I’m a bit picky on some items, but that’s your problem.
  • Male is preferred, but I’ll consider smaller, extremely submissive, boyish females
  • 18-30 years old
  • Non-smoker (very important!)
  • Really understands what is involved with total submission to a Master
  • Smooth – no hair below the eyebrows - facial hair is a big turn-off
  • Skinny to HWP – no extra fat - 180 lbs maximum for males, 140 lbs for females
  • Height 5' to 6' for males, 4'6" to 5'6" for females
  • Males: average to small dick with hanging balls
  • Females: small to medium breasts, slim build
  • Willing to endure almost anything to keep its Master happy
  • Ready to submit to anything within its Master’s hard limits
    For those considering full time or part time live in slavery, add:
    • 18-25 years old with rare exceptions
    • Few, if any, time conflicts during nights and weekends. Holidays could be optional.
    • Willing to be a 24-7 slave and live within strict rules, even if living on your own
    • Available and willing to drop everything and come when called
    • Part-timers need to be within a reasonable driving distance
    If I choose you, here are things a slave might expect*:
    • Service my sexual needs (not that any slave would find that surprising)
    • Slaves will cum on my order only
    • Punishment – if a slave displeases me, or maybe just because I feel like it
    • Experimentation – sometimes I get new or novel ideas for slaves in any number of areas
    • Body shaving
    • Feminization – I don’t generally care to fully cross-dress slaves, but I’ll often push the envelope into androgyny quite a bit.
    • Humiliation – I might treat you just like the worthless cock-sucking slave you are. It’s your lot in life, so embrace it.
    • Interaction with other slaves when available, according to my whims
    • Protection – that means I won’t allow any harm to come to you while you are serving me or following my orders.
        For full and part-time live in slaves, add:
    • Full time chastity, possibly cage enforced
    • All-day butt plug wear when ordered
    • I may order certain clothing items (particularly underthings) be worn, even at work
    • Accompany me in public dressed as I choose
    • House and yard work on occasion
    • Storage – when I’m not using a slave during a stay, it might be caged or otherwise restrained. I might order it to store itself for varying periods at home as well.

    * All activities are fully consensual. For instance, if being feminized doesn't work for you, it won't happen.