Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David
This is where it gets serious...
The fact is, most boys just want to play at being slaves, but a few want it to be as real as the law and common sense allow. As much as I enjoy giving boys a safe first experience with BDSM, I'm also looking for the rare one who's ready to fully submit to my absolute power - no limits but my own.
If you want to be a true slave, prepare to be broken mentally and physically. All physical limitations and resistance will be brutally fucked and punished out of you. Your ego will be abolished and replaced by my total control. I will push you further than you have ever imagined. You will have no limits or safe-word. My own hard limits and discretion will be your only protection.
You will EXIST to serve ME, my body, my cock and the cocks of any and all men I decide you will serve in any way I want you to serve them. You will learn to delight in my punishments as much as in my rewards. Because, once completely broken of your false will, you will finally understand what it really means to be my slave:
It is to serve in absolute obedience with no concern for your own desires or pleasure, but with complete focus on satisfying the desires and pleasures of your Master. If any hope at all remains, it is only the daily hope of being rewarded with the one reward you most crave: to be fucked by your Master's man-cock and filled with cum.  
Think long and hard before asking for this
Just because you want it doesn't mean I'll say yes. It takes the right kind of boy, and your absolute clear-eyed commitment, because it WILL change you.
Whether you choose to be full or part time, whether for an agreed period or indefinitely, you must completely understand what you're getting into and agree to my terms without reservation. We will talk at length about what all this means for you.
The minimum time I'll agree to is three days, and they will be intense. The maximum time is forever, which means you will only be released when I decide it's right. It could be days, years - or never.