Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David


Not a person any longer - an object to be used (and abused) as the Master sees fit. No human identity, no rights. No consideration for its feelings or comfort. It might be used as temporary furniture, a human urinal, an object for sexual gratification, or a work animal. It could be a punching bag or whipping target. Whatever its Master desires, it will be.
Of course, in the real world we all have limits. This is an area of BDSM where advance communication and discussion are critical. Obviously, you'll have a safe word, but this activity could take you places you don't want to go or can't handle. Psychologically, objectification can be the most extreme BDSM activity you'll engage in. Being treated as non-human, like a farm animal, can be difficult to adjust to. You really have to want this.