Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

The slave boi scene offers a wide range of possibilities, but it does have a few core features:

    1) A slave is just that – under control of the Master and subject to his whims and desires

    2) The type of slave can vary widely, from favored sex pet, to servant, to whipping boy

    3) It’s important to set hard limits to our play, and maybe some soft limits, too (read the Safety page)

My favorite first slave boi scene is this one:

Slave’s First Day

It is a different world than the one we live in. Slavery is commonplace, with no regard for race, age, or gender. You can end up as a slave in a number of ways – born to slave parents, sold by your parents into slavery for any number of reasons, sentenced to slavery for crimes, or forced into slavery by a court for unpaid debts. As you might expect, Masters have absolute control over their slaves and can legally use them for any purpose.

When you borrowed money for college, you didn’t have any real assets with which to secure your loan, so you put up your freedom for collateral. You were unable to pay past-due tuition bills, and the bank opted to foreclose on you. You were sold at auction to the highest bidder, which was me. I was looking for a cute personal slave, one that would serve my every need from housework to entertainment and sexual gratification.

As with any slave, I will use you as I see fit when you are with me. I will train you to amuse and serve me, and punish you if you fall short of my expectations, or just for fun. A personal slave position is considered a good deal, and you will be happy you were not sold to a farm or factory to work 18 hour days, 365 days a year (sometimes it pays to be cute and gay!) You are motivated to avoid being sold to a less desirable master.

In this scene I will give you an orientation to what your slave life will be like in my house and what I expect of you. I will begin training you to take care of my needs.

 Continuation and Variations

This scene is a starting place for future play. Obviously we can’t use the same scene over and over, but slave play allows for lots of options. 

    1) Continuing the slave’s training

    2) Entertaining the master – dancing, cross dressing, sex, etc.

    3) Punishing the slave for misbehavior, or just because I want to

    4) Use your imagination!
Some "scene setters" to put you in the correct frame of mind...
Here's a sample of the  Court order for enslavement  you'll be getting.
If you're a new slave-to-be, you'll want to read this "official" 
Help with getting into it:  Developing the Slave Mindset.
Learn about Slave Punishment