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Master David

State of New Hampshire

County of Merrimeck                                                                        Superior Court

In re:

Mercy College




Whereas, the defendant (Debtor) entered into a legally binding contract with Mercy College (Lien Holder) for tuition, room, and board on August 22nd, 2011, encumbering his legal person as sole collateral.

Whereas, Debtor failed to make timely payments despite repeated efforts of Lien Holder, which has adequately demonstrated that they have attempted all subordinate means of collection without success.

Whereas, pursuant to the various provisions of RSA 1313, Lien Holder foreclosed upon Debtor in a final attempt to recover such funds as are legally due along with reasonable attorney’s fees and auction and court costs.

Whereas, Debtor was sold at public auction to the highest bidder, hereinafter referred to as Buyer.

Whereas, as provided for in RSA 1313.21a, such sale results in loss of Debtor’s legal status as a free person.

Ordered, that Debtor’s status in all public records shall indicate permanent Indentured Servitude, Debtor’s citizenship revoked, and that Debtor shall henceforth be considered personal property, subject to any present or future owner’s needs and decisions, without human rights, for the rest of its natural life.

Ordered, that Debtor shall be issued a state Serial Identification Number (SIN), to be tattooed or branded on the right shoulder by Buyer upon receipt.

Ordered, that Debtor shall present his body to Buyer at such time and place as Buyer shall specify, and in essentially the same physical condition as on the day of auction. Failure to do so voluntarily will result in immediate recovery of Buyer’s property by the Sheriff’s Slave Enforcement and Recovery Unit for prompt delivery to Buyer.

Mikhail P. Barishnakov

          Presiding Justice

Martha R. Stewart

    Clerk of Court

3 March, 2015


Obviously not a real document - just for fun!