Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

Slave Punishment

Whatever you did to deserve this, it’s going to hurt for real, within agreed limits. If you're not into pain at all, this section isn't for you - we won't be doing it. 
Slaves being punished are stripped naked (if they're not already!) and marched into the dungeon. Depending on how I plan to hurt you, I might chain you face out or face in to my St. Andrew cross. Or, I might hang you from the ceiling, hands together or wide apart, but almost always with legs pulled wide to give me better access to “sensitive” regions. I might also strap you in the doggy position on my low bench or in the horizontal stocks for a really good ass-whooping. Or just keep moving you from one to another until I’m satisfied you got the message.

There are a number of tools in my box for this, from a standard 12” wooden teacher’s ruler, to a variety of whips and floggers, nipple clamps, leather belts, little plastic “biter” clips, wood clothespins, and even short pieces of rope. There’s also my electrical toys, including a penis strap, bi-polar butt plug, and a taser, among others. And, of course, my hands. 

I might bind your cock tightly, hang a weighted parachute on your balls, or just crush them in my hands or my ball crusher.

As I begin to work them over, most slaves start out with little gasps and whimpers. As the pace picks up, it turns to progressively louder yelps. If I continue to push you hard and fast, tears may begin to flow. If I were to choose a slow, steady pace, your body’s powerful natural pain killers, endorphins, would begin to kick in and you’d soon reach a natural high. But that’s not punishment, is it?
Not Sure?
If you're interested in pain but not ready for anything serious, we can explore it slowly and safely. Many boys start with mild to moderate spankings and work up from there as they gain confidence in their ability to handle pain. Some learn to crave it, and when coupled with sex, find it gives them incredible orgasms.