Safe - Sane - Consensual
Master David

Formal Slave Registration

If you become one of my "owned" slaves, consider registering yourself at the The Slave Register.
The entire process is free. You will be assigned an unique 9-digit slave registration number (SLRN) and issued a printable certificate listing Master David as your owner. You will create a simple profile there as well, and provide a link to me and any others I allow or require.
The SLRN can be stamped on a slave collar tag, or even tatooed. It can be the actual number, or a bar or QR code that links to your profile, or a combination of both. It is a tangible sign and constant reminder of your commitment to me.
Privacy is important. Our real names and other personally identifiable information are not asked for or used in the registration process, documents or profile. The registration is essentially anonymous. Only you can enter or change profile information. You can provide a publicly viewable email address - you may use mine if I agree.
Links to collar, tag, and barcode suppliers are provided on the website. If I choose to tag you after you've registered, I will purchase a suitable collar, and you will purchase the tag. I may also allow you to wear it like dog tags on a neck chain rather than a full collar. There also other collar and tag options.